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Conceptual Learning

Our concept-based learning focuses on in-depth knowledge, including Tips and Tricks and Vedic Maths Sutras.


Customized worksheets

Practice worksheets on need-based topics, additional topics customized as per the requirement of the student.

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Homework help, Exam preparation, comprehensive result oriented approach reflected well in the grades of the child.

About MaSci Academy

Think, Explore and Learn ....

As a mother, while teaching my daughter, I realized a serious disconnect between the basic skill students get to develop in the school and the curriculum they are expected to master with that basic skillset especially for Maths and Science !

Substantial long-term conceptual learning was somehow missing. The conventional rote learning method and repetitive exercises work to a very limited extent.

The prerequisite is to give sufficient knowledge to the child and work on developing the thinking skills of the child, to make him more curious to understand the surroundings with regard to conceptual learning. The emphasis needs to be on training the mind to visualize and forsee the logic and reason behind things, by providing the students with strong foundation -

  • Providing information,
  • Developing thinking skills,
  • Making them visualize the real picture,
  • Inculcate positivity !

MATHS and SCIENCE are not about learning the facts, but the training of the mind to THINK !!

We OFFER best of best Education

At MaSci Academy, Our aim is to understand the need of the child and unleash the potential in the child recognizing that every child is unique and every child has the capability to excel.

We use customized teaching material and techniques as per the need of the child. The objective is to build up strong conceptual understanding that helps the child to actually relate Mathematics and Science to everyday life. The teaching approach goes beyond traditional tutoring to develop in-depth knowledge in the subject with appropriate logic and reasoning. We make the child to view and realize the bigger picture that interconnects diverse areas or individual topics, and makes them visualize how everything is related.

  • Customized worksheets for adequate practice,
  • Requisite recap of the topics covered,
  • Regular assessment,
  • Periodic feedback to the parents,
  • Above all, the child develops love for the subject !


Curriculum Maths

We cater to CBSE and ICSE Curriculum.

  • Class VI
  • Class VII
  • Class VIII
  • Class IX
  • Class X
  • Class XI
  • Class XII

Accelerated Maths

Accelerated Maths includes additional topics apart from the curriculum, including High Order Thinking Skills (HOTS), Tips & Tricks and Vedic Maths Sutras.
Students need to undergo an eligibility test to enroll for Accelerated Maths Courses.

  • Olympiad
  • Aryabhatta

Curriculum Science

  • Class VI
  • Class VII
  • Class VIII
  • Class IX
  • Class X


Table of 19
19 X 1 = 19
19 X 2 = 38
19 X 3 = 57
19 X 4 = 76
19 X 5 = 95
19 X 6 = 114
19 X 7 = 133
19 X 8 = 152
19 X 9 = 171
19 X 10 = 190
Carefully look at the table of 19.
The Ones place is backward counting from 9 to 0.
The Tens place is skip counting of odd numbers.
Thus, instantly any multiple of 19 can be easily calculated !

The generalized way to calculate any multiple of 19, thus, follows:
Ones digit of the answer = (10 - Ones digit of the multiplicand)
Tens digit of the answer = (double of multiplicand - successor of Tens digit of multiplicand)
A pizza of radius “z” and height “a” has volume Pi × z × z × a !!
Most of you might be aware of the HCF and LCM of whole numbers. But what about fractions !!
Can we find the HCF or LCM of fractions too?
The answer is yes ..
As per the definition of Lowest Common Multiple, i.e. the first common multiple for any given numbers is their LCM.
Let's look at a few examples to see how it works ...