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This is the website of Advanced Analytics & Industry Research (AAIR), FedEx Corporation. It is used as a platform to publish or showcase optimization/analytics tools and emerging related industry research from this group.

The website is still under construction and more applications will be published here. Please feel free to test currently available applications below.

News Search

Search the web news articles with news search API. Result news are filtered by topic, news resouce, and/or other searchable metadata and are sorted by specified options, such as relavance, published date, etc.

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Weather Currency News

A little widget to track current weather of specified city in the world, live rate from one currency to another, and headliens of news feed from news channels, such as CNN, WSJ, FOX and BBC.

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Hand Writing Recognition

A demomonstrating application to show how a convolutional neural network (CNN) can be used to let machine recognize human's hand writing.

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Twitter Miner

A exploratory application demostrating search and download tweets using key words and analyze tweets through natural language processing.

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Invoice Extraction

An application built for extracting information from invoices.

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Text Analytics API Evaluation

A temporary application built for evaluation of different text analytics features using APIs.