• “Investing in Jordan is in reality a much larger investment in stability, resilience and hope for those in my country but also for the region”

    – His Majesty King Abdullah The Second
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  • Reach over a billion consumer worldwide

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The industrial sector is a high contributor to Jordan’s GDP


Jordan features some of the world’s most unique and iconic assets such as : Petra - one of the seven world


The Jordan Valley’s fertile soil and favorable temperatures enable year-round agriculture production

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World-class internationally qualified medical workforce and accredited hospitals and facilities


One of the pioneering sectors in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region

Transportation & Logistics

Well-developed when compared to the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region

Energy & Renewable Energy

Jordan is emerging as an ideal location for investment in renewable energy and clean technology

Why invest in Jordan ?

Export and Exhibitions

The Exports and Exhibitions Department of the Investment Commission plays a vital and active role in developing Jordanian exports and promoting them in markets abroad in order to promote national products. This activity is undertaken pursuant to the powers assigned to the Commission in the context of the Jordanian exports development track both “quantitatively and qualitatively”

Jordan Development Zones

Income Tax
Income Tax on Exports
Sales Tax
Import Duties
Social Service Tax
Dividends Tax

Smart complex (services+ scientific research+IT+medical industry)



  • Industrial
  • Solar energy
  • Adjacent to residential



IT, media, education, and telecommunication services




Health complex for livestock

Industrial skills development center / industrial incubator + solar energy + Hajj oasis

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The Investment Commission organizes the work of development zones and free zones throughout the Kingdom which are dedicated to various fields of business and industries and are equipped with the investor's needs from infrastructure to services. These areas are supervised by development companies that work on developing the infrastructure and facilitate the work of investors. Moreover, the development areas aim to distribute the economic development gains and create job opportunities through creating a competitive advantage for each area based on specialization and providing an integrated system of services to investors that support the growth and development of companies. Free zones also promote Jordan's position commercially by facilitating the transit of goods and stimulating economic movement
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